Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Coffee Blueberry Walnut cake

Over the weekend, my wife wanted to bake a cake for her father's birthday.
Her parent's are coming down to attend her brother's MBA graduation ceremony (now I feel a level dumber compared to him. If you must know, I only have a Degree, but lets not start with that...)

Her parents would be coming in on Saturday night, so we got busy on Friday, after dinner.
As usual, i just hang around the kitchen, doing mundane and irrelevant stuff, pretending to busy (like every other guy!).

Anyway, some shots of the cake.
Will share the recipe once she has perfected it.


Please ignore the cheesy Happy Birthday sign and the tropical umbrella. :)

Kindly place your attention to the side of the cake, the almond slice and crushed walnuts sprinkle. Done by moi.


Look at the oozing blueberry jam.

Sinful mess.
That's what i would call it. Yummy.

As mentioned earlier, she has not perfected the recipe yet.
The sponge cake was a bit on the hard side, but this made the cake had some texture to it, which I liked very much.
The blueberry jam. Yummy (I could just toss the cake and eat the jam any time).
The whip cream was not perfect, a bit wet i might add. Should have mixed it abit longer cos now it can't seem to retain the shape (how to say ler... it is flowing)

Overall, good try, everyone was having fun devouring it. :)


hyperX said...

Wow... looks like a cake baked by professional.

Anonymous said...

jam looks really good! :)

calvaryzone said...

Thanks. Looks can be deceiving. hehehehe...

Yeah, good jam compliments the equally good cake (but can be better though). hehehhehe....

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