Friday, 27 March 2009

Why blog?

Hi welcome to my blog.

"Why blog? Why now?" you asked.
Well, i am not sure, since i am like 5 freakin' years too late on this fad. hehehe.
But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Today is the perfect day for that. Heck, who want doesn't want to associate important dates to easily remembered dates like today, right? So if i ever get asked when i started blogging... April 1st!!!
And if i feel like it, I might even throw in a surprise "April's Fool" (this only works if the person asks that question on April 1st itself hehehe....)

So this would be my place to share with you my thoughts, photos, complaints, reviews, and basically anything that i would be glad to share.

And i am at the stage of starting a family of my own, and this would be the place for me to capture those precious memories, where one day I could show this back to my grandkids how "in" their grandfather was (and still is by that time :))

With the current economic state we are in, well, this blog better go make me some $$$.
What? You can't believe it? I can't do it?


Well, i'll be surprised if i am still blogging by this time next year. hehehe.
Stay tuned.


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