Thursday, 3 September 2009

KFC tricks - Servings featured are for illustration purposes only (MUST SEE)

Got this from email. I have not tried it yet.
Pretty hilarious.
For those who had tried this before, let us know if it is really this small.

saw the picture... 1st impression is... WAH!! SO BIG OO~~!!! + diff RM 1

from snack plate...

but get 2 BIG SHRIMP STIX~!!

give it a try... ^_^

after a while... the dishes come...

i was SHOCKED~~!!

i look at the dish... then look at the poster... then look back at the

cashier... = ="

he smile at us and say...

"hehe... sedap punya..."

i was really damn frustrated that time... i feel being cheated!!!

but i cant scold them... because they have written

"Servings featured are for illustration purposes only."

which is smaller than bacteria that we need to use microscope to see


Yeah.... this is business tricks...

BUT doesnt that TOO MUCH different from the picture and the actual size


no matter what angle i look at the "SHRIMP STIX" there is no way it will

be BIGGER than the CHICKEN >"<

can we SUE them ???

this is just same like showing you HONDA CITY @ RM 40K ~~ when you get

the car.. it was KANCIL !!!



so dissappointed with KFC already...

LESSON from the STORY:-



The advertisement:


Actual size:


Thursday, 13 August 2009

Never Put Your Comment In Facebook, Here's Why

Saw this post at PM, and would like to share.
This is a hilarious reason why we should never simply put stupids comments in FB.

Also, remember to never blog about your bad day at work cos your boss is a jackass, cos you'll never know who reads your blog.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Task #1 and #2. Paint guest room 1 and 2

As i mentioned sometime back, i had already painted one of the guest room with my dad's help. I needed him to show me how to paint correctly and to learn from that experience so i could do the rest on my own.

The whole process took around 3 hours, which we painted 2 layers. That time, i was in charge of doing the corners/borders, and looking at how dad painted the main portion of the wall.

The end result was surprisingly well done, just like a pro. My dad is ever the handy man.

Guest room 1 in Lime Freeze.


Nice, right?
The green gave the room a fresh and revitalizing feeling. As though the energy has been super charged.

Ok, so the guest room 2, my wife and i decided to do it ourselves. The room is not that big, and we had stolen my dad's painting techniques seen how it is done, so how hard could it be?

For this room, we chose a very different colour.

Ok, so here is how the room looked like before we started.

Here are all the ingredients you need. Roller, brush, paint tray, paint, pencil, wooden stick, etc.
also remember to use masking tape to tape off all the bottom portion of the wall.


My wife doing the corners.


Note the colour we used is pastel purplish/pinkish.
We chose this colour because we liked the calming effect it gave off. You can really see if at the end when the room is done.

Reaching the high corners.


Progress at half time.


Once we finished the 1st layer, we let it dry for a while, then proceeded to do the 2nd layer.
We started with thicker paint for the 1st layer, and then the 2nd layer dilutes with more water.
And we had to be careful on the amount of paint we are using as we barely had any paint left once we are done.

* Note to self: 1 litre of paint for this room size, 2 layers.

Finally, the room is done. And that is after 4 hours later.


Nice or not?

The colour is just nice, luckily not too dark.
Hope anyone staying here could feel the calmness aura emitting from the wall.

The next time i have insomnia, i'll know which room to sleep in. hahahhaahha

Friday, 7 August 2009

Task #12. Kitchen wallpaper liner

That night after i got my list of home improvements, we quickly decided to tackle task #12, which is basically the easiest of the lot.

I just need to stick some stickers, right?


Got this from Ace Hardware store at Sunway Pyramid for RM 54.90, 10 meters long. This is the self-adhesive type, so just peel it off like a sticker and stick it. There is another cheaper type, which is of cloth-type material, but is not self-adhesive, so you need to apply glue to stick it. I figured that playing with glue could get messy, so what the heck, for once in my life, i rather pay more.


So we start off with one section of the kitchen wall, as shown above, perfectly plain and boring. Time to jazz it up.


My lovely wife figuring out how to cut the liner. Note that it is not as simple as just cutting to the required length and stick it onto the wall. From the earlier picture of the kitchen wall, there is a light switch on the path where i need to stick this, so we have to cut around the liner to accommodate the switch.


Looks nicer right?


Another part of the kitchen wall with the wallpaper liner.
Sure is cheaper than putting in border tiles.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Home Improvement plan

For all married guys out there, there comes a point in time when our wifes would suddenly give us a set of tasks to do around the house.

This happens once you have settled into your new home, and is relatively comfortable living there. Then all of a sudden, the wifes would slap you with a list of what needs to be improved around the house (even though you may argue that everything is fine, why fix something that ain't broken?)

And that is the dreaded home improvement plan.

Last weekend my wife gave me such a list.
And her dateline is set for the end of Aug 09.

Here are the items in the list (not according to priority).


#1. Paint guest room 1 (easy)
#2. Paint guest room 2 (easy)
#3. Paint master bedroom (easy)
#4. Paint upper living hall (need to top up my insurance premium)
#5. Paint main living hall (a lot of walls to cover)
#6. Paint study room (easy, as soon as i can clear out the junk in the room)
#7. Paint outside (please don't rain)
#8. Window tint (please kill me!)
#9. Fix accessories for guest room 2 (drilling on tiles!)
#10. Fix kitchen curtain rod (easy, but messy)
#11. Fix study room curtain rod (easy but messy)
#12. Kitchen wallpaper liner (child's play)
#13. Living hall lighting (need more ^@#$!#@ $$$$$)

The notes besides the tasks are self explanatory.
Wish me good luck.