Thursday, 13 August 2009

Never Put Your Comment In Facebook, Here's Why

Saw this post at PM, and would like to share.
This is a hilarious reason why we should never simply put stupids comments in FB.

Also, remember to never blog about your bad day at work cos your boss is a jackass, cos you'll never know who reads your blog.


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

hahaha yeah. everyone was RT-ing this on twitter. so did i :)

BlurryLeo said...

another thing ... never add your bosses / managers to your FB .. hehehe.

Dennis Lim said...

Sorry. I already done adding my boss and boss of my boss in the FB. The "D Day" is also coming soon?

calvaryzone said...

Yeah, spreading like wildfire. Let it spread more. heheheh..

Aiks, already add lioa. She is probably reading this too.

Yaloh, so how? We all are so exposed lioa. Better becareful. Its only a matter of time before this hits us. heheheh... said...

yoh, this one sound serious. agree ! not to drop nasty comment in facebook.

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