Saturday, 1 August 2009

Business trip to Senai, Johor

I just came back from Senai yesterday after a tiring week attending Baan training there.

Went over to Senai on Monday morning, taking the 7.30 am MAS flight, which means i took the taxi at 6.00 am, waking up at 5.00 am. Add that to the fact that i slept at around 12.30 am, that means i only got like 4.5 hours of sleep the night before.
So you can imagine how tiring it is to travel like this.

Once touchdown, it is straight to the office. And enduring another 8 hours of training (well, you know sometimes these can get pretty boring).

Once the Day 1 training is done, time to check out the hotel.
This time i stayed at the Puteri Pacific Hotel JB. Ahh, this hotel certainly brings back memories, as few years back, this was where i called my Second home.

It was called Pan Pacific back then, and i have stayed here collectively for more than 90 days throughout (probably even more, i lost count). Too bad they don't have any reward programme, otherwise i'll probably be a Gold/Platinum member by now.

And it is within walking distance to the City Square mall, so it was a good choice for me.


The comfortable bed. This will be my bed for the next 4 nights.

Just FYI, i slept on the left side of the bed (the opposite side of what is shown below).
No specific reason for choosing the sides, but just make sure the other side is piled up with stuff eg. clothes, bags when you sleep, to prevent ahem from getting too comfortable.


For dinner, my colleague and I went over to City Square and tried the Portuguese Chicken. At RM 11.90, it was a deal for half a chicken, but later we realized that the chicken was kinda small, and it was only so so in the taste department. But we saw a sizeable crowd there, so i guess we KL people have higher expectations on what we eat. (hahahaha)


After dinner, time to head back to the hotel and start working.
Yes, the perils of being on business trips. Seen it before, will again.

Sunrise the next morning.
Look at the dirty glass windows!


Another round of sunrise the next few days, greeting me in the morning to endure more boring trainings.


So does the sunsets, greeting me when i get back to continue working my ass off till wee hours into the night.


C'est la vie. What a wonderful life.


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