Thursday, 16 July 2009

Life without blogging - I am back

Wah, been almost 1 month + since i had my last post. Sorry for the long hiatus.

Too many things going on that i have to take a break from blogging. I needed the extra time to organize and prioritize my life back again. :)

Short post this time, just to let you know that i am still alive.
Summary of what went on during this period of time.
  1. Went for a quick business trip to Zhuhai. Just 3 days with no weekends. Rushed like hell to get back. And a shit load of work waiting for me with open arms. Its a wonder how some people get to go to business trips for relaxation, while i am totally the opposite. I go there to work like crazy for the project during office hours. Go back to hotel to work like crazy for my other projects. Quickly get the hell out of there by catching the next available flight back. Only to realize that once i am back i still need to follow up and support the project. And did i mentioned my other projects as well. Die die must do.
  2. My kitchen renovation is still not moving as quickly as i hoped due to most resources taken up by my brother-in-law's house renovation. We have the same contractor, and since his house is more urgent, his house gets priority (yeah, now i know how second class citizens feel). But it is moving back on track in the last few days and considering how a (and i quote my contractor's own words) "simple 3 weeks job" had dragged on for over 2 months lioa, i have to pray hard hard for this to be over with cos now we can't use the kitchen at all, meaning cannot boil water and wash clothes and dishes.
  3. Painted the feature wall of one of the rooms with lots of help from my dad. It is not easy ok. Bought 9 cans of 1 litre paint for 6 more walls to go. Damaged? approx RM 270. Slogging for the next few weekends to get them painted. Priceless.


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