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Score A Programme - E-Learning portal for kids

Score A Programme

We Have Helped Thousands of Children Score- 'A's in UPSR & PMR...

We are The Top E-Learning Company in Malaysia...

We Bring Tuition To Your Home
24 Hours a Day, 365 Days in a Year.
Anytime ! Anywhere !

Score A Programme™ introduces your children to the world of IT (Internet Teaching).
Score A's inception in the OUTPUT Learning started in the year 1999 for students from Standard 1 - Form 3.
100% according to the syllabus of the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

Why Score A Programme (18 highlights) ?
  1. Highly Interactive - Attracts students to have initiative to do more revision
  2. Immediate Marks Given - Facilitates students to identity their mistakes without referring to the answers
  3. Time Management - Students need to answer during the stipulated time given
  4. eReport Card - Parents can monitor their child's educational progress anytime, anywhere!
  5. SMS Report - Parents will be informed with regards to their childs' progress through real time SMS
  6. Cross Referencing - If students do not understand, they can click on the eNotes and explanations will be given
  7. Study Plan - Students can supervise their revision and study time-table from previous records
  8. Number of Tries - Students can try a second and third time to get the correct asnwer
  9. Motivational Quotes - Develop student's confidence with motivational quotes if they get the correct answers
  10. e-Dictionary - Click to find out the meaning of words that they do not understand
  11. Difficult Levels - Games Stimulation -Students need to achieve 80 marks in order to move to a high level
  12. 'Hot' Questions - Direct from Smart Teachers. Not available from any bookstore
  13. Current Standards - The contents are always up-dated to meet the current standards required
  14. National Competition - Students nationwide can compete and also know their current placings
  15. Annual Achievement Awards - Every year, 'Score A Scholar Night' recognizes and rewards top achievers
  16. Output Learning - Examinations are output learning
  17. Easily Accessible - Anytime, Anywhere . No need to carry stacks of books when traveling
  18. Financial Rebate - Study for free! Just introduce Score A programme to 4 families

Syllabus Contents

The Score A Programme covers the 100% latest syllabus from Malaysia Ministry of Education. For every single change on the syllabus, it only takes 24 hours for the changes to be updated in Score A system.

Score A database as of now hold over 250,000 high quality questions in the question bank, and it will always be updated. We have all the expert teachers acknowledged by the Ministry to safe guards and maintain those questions. They are the question creators approved by the ‘Lembaga Peperiksaan Kebangsaan’.

Primary School (Standard 1-6)

  1. Bahasa Malaysia
  2. Bahasa Cina
  3. Bahasa English
  4. Science (SK & SJK(C))
  5. Mathematics (SK & SJK(C))

Lower Secondary School (Form 1-3)

  1. Bahasa Malaysia
  2. English
  3. Bahasa Cina
  4. Geografi
  5. Sejarah
  6. Mathematics
  7. Science
Form 4 & 5 - to be launched soon

The Company

Kenshido International Sdn Bhd
Wisma Kenshido, No 1-1, 1-2, 1-3,Jalan PJU 5/6, Dataran Sunway PJU 5,
47810 Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.
Tel: 603-6141 8286 (Hunting Line) Fax:603-6141 8126, 6141 8136
Website: /

Board of Directors

  • Kenshido International Sdn. Bhd. started in 1999 (formally known as Edu-2u Portal Sdn. Bhd.).
  • Pioneer E-Learning company in Malaysia.
  • R&D for 3 years to develop the system with capital of RM4.5 million.
  • In 2002, Score A programme was launched to 14 vision schools in Malaysia for free to test its effectiveness. The project was in coordination with and was supported by the Ministry of Education.
  • The vision school trials went on for 3 years from 2002 to 2005, with an astonishing 93% of students using the Score A programme getting 5As in UPSR and 8As in PMR.
  • Since then more schools have been introduced to the programme.
  • In 3 March 2006, the Score A programme was officially launched by the then Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia Y.B. Dato’ Sri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein after the programme has proven its effectiveness on students.
  • After gaining the recognition and support from the Ministry of Education, the Score A programme was launched to the public.

AJL License (931448) and Paid-up Capital (RM 5M)


The only E-Learning Portal endorsed by our Minister of Education
Y.B. Dato’ Sri Hishammuddin.


Support from National PIBG.


Media Report
Buletin TV3

Astro News

The Star

East Malaysia News

Utusan Malaysia

Tamil News


Appreciation and acknowledgment from schools

Students' testimonials

  1. What is Score A Programme™?
    Score A Programme™ is a fully interactive and effective programme to help students Be Exam Ready And Score A’s™.

  2. What is "Input Learning™"?
    "Input Learning™" is putting information into your "Neuron". Reading, studying, listening and memorizing are "Input Learning™". Many students only carry out "Input Learning™", that is why they get average marks. To score, you need "Output Learning™".

  3. What is "Output Learning™"?
    Output learning™ teaches students on how to apply what they have studied in school through specially prepared assessments in the Score A Programme™ - The Ultimate Output Learning Tool™

  4. Why do students need Score A Programme™?
    Score A Programme™ has been carefully designed to provide students with many features to help them prepare for their examinations. With Score A Programme™, students will be able to assess their level of understanding of all subjects or topics that they have been taught in school. Score A Programme™ also allows students unlimited practises to sharpen their examination skills, helps build their confidence, and encourages them to develop a Score-A attitude.

  5. Why is eReport Card in Score A Programme™ important?
    eReport Card is a unique feature that gives parents unprecedented first hand knowledge of their children's academic performances. Parents will be well informed of their children's strong and weak subjects even before their children bring home their actual school report card. The eReport Card enables parents to monitor their children's progress at any time convenient to them. Parents then can render assistance, if and when necessary.

  6. What are the levels and subjects covered by Score A Programme™?
    Score A Programme™ covers all subjects taught in National schools from Year 1 to Form 3. Score A Programme™ also includes all subjects taught in the National Chinese School The content of Score A Programme™ is in line with the school syllabus and curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, and covers all major government examinations - UPSR & PMR.

  7. Will Score A Programme™ burden my children?
    No. Score A Programme™ is not a repetition of "Input Learning" and hence, will not burden your children.

  8. Do my children still need Score A Programme™ although they are currently attending tuition classes?
    Yes, because tuition is another form of Input Learning. In fact, Score A Programme™ will complement the tuition classes attended by your children.

  9. Why does Score A Programme™ focus only on objective-type questions?
    Because Score A Programme™ applies Output Learning techniques and test students on their level of understanding through multiple-choice questions.The mastering of multiple-choice questions will enable them to do well in the subjective questions.

  10. Is Score A Programme™ affordable?
    Yes. Score A Programme™ is easily affordable. Score A Programme™ is very cost effective, and is value for money based on the following features:
    1. Score A Programme™ is priced on a “per family” basis, regardless of the number of school-going children.
    2. Score A Programme™ allows each user unlimited eAssessment and eTrial Exam practise at no extra charge. It is in line with the concept of “Practise Makes perfect”.
    3. Score A Programme™ allows each user access to various school levels.

Score A programme™ Unique Features

eTopic - Topical questions

eTopic is a revision module that allows students to do short regular exercises and provides instant Output Learning to assess a student's level of understanding of a particular topic taught in school. Students can select a particular topic taught in class that day and instantly find out if they have understood what they have learnt and review their understanding of that topic. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s academic progress and help them identify their children's strength and weaknesses so that timely measures can be taken to correct any shortcomings.

With eTopic, answers are corrected instantly to allow the student to learn from their mistakes. Each question allows the student four attempts to find the right answer. Each attempt that is incorrect will have 1/3 point deducted, and when the wrong answer is selected, the student will be informed instantly, thus "forcing" the student to re-read the question before his or her 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt. This instills the habit of reading the question carefully and understanding it before attempting an answer.

eAssessment - General questions

eAssessment™ was carefully designed to allow your children do exercises as often as they want and provides instant Output Learning to assess your children's understanding of a particular subject taught in school. Your children can select a subject at any one time and instantly find out if they have understood what they have learnt and review their understanding of that subject. As parents, you will then be able to identify your child's strength and weaknesses so that timely measures can be taken to correct any shortcomings before the actual examinations.

The key objectives are:
1. To provide instant output learning.
2. To sharpen exam skills by allowing students unlimited practise.
3. To help students to answer correctly, 1st time, every time.
4. To establish the habit to read and understand questions before answering.

When a student is practising with eAssessment™, answers are corrected instantly to allow the student to learn from the their mistakes. Each question allows the student four attempts to find the right answer. Each attempt that is incorrect will have 1/3 point deducted, and when the wrong answer is selected, the student will be informed instantly, thus "forcing" the student to re-read the question before his or her 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt. This instils the habit of reading the question carefully and understanding it before attempting an answer.

eTrial Exams

eTrial Exam™ module is designed to simulate actual exam environment for UPSR, PMR and SPM. It further enhance your children’s exam readiness. This module will help your children condition themselves to the pressure of completing the exam in a specific amount of time allocated according to Examination Board's Standards. eTrial Exam™ was designed like an actual exam and the student will have to submit it for correction or grading after they have completed it. The grading is instant. This module thus help and condition students to be confident, exam ready and score A’s.

ePast Year Exam

ePastYearExam allows students sitting for national examinations to practise on actual past years’ examination papers. These are actual UPSR, PMR and SPM examination papers set by the Ministry of Education and is made possible through our affiliationship with Cerdik Publications Sdn Bhd, who has been given the exclusive rights by the Ministry of Education to publish and distribute past years’ examination papers. Each exam paper is set exactly as the actual examination paper format and students have the options to select questions either by “year” or by “random” and have to complete all exercises within the time allocated. This exclusive and invaluable feature allows students countless examination practices thus helps and condition students to be exam ready and Score A's in the real examinations.


eProgress is a monitoring chart that allows parents keep track of their children’s performances on eTopic. This feature is an effective monitoring tool that is designed to keep parents informed of their children’s work schedule, ensuring parents that their children eTopic exercises are done and completed accordingly. Parents would be updated on the number of attempts their children has done on each topic, thus specifically highlighting the “difficult topics” faced by their children. This information will help parents identify specific topics in a subject that their children have difficulties in, instead of generalising and categorising weaknesses by subjects.

eReport Card (Online and SMS)

eReport Card™ is A MUST HAVE feature for any concerned parents. It records all your children’s output learning sessions, be it eAssessment or eTrial Exam. This feature gives parents unprecedented 1st hand knowledge of their children’s strong and weak subjects. It records and displays your children’s average scores for each subject for that month. You can also check on previous months’ results to compare the difference.

Click on “More” & it will display the actual score of each output learning exercises. Furthermore, the eReport Card™ records the last 10 completed eAssessment™ or eTrial Exam™ to give you a review of their performances & identify weakness so that timely measures can be taken to correct whatever deficiency before the actual exam takes place.

The key objectives are:
1. Allow parents constant & timely monitoring of children's academic performances.
2. Evaluation of performances to render assistance, if & when necessary.

Trace and keep an eye on your children's studies and lesson movement. Without going through any third-party, parents are able directly encourage their children with this eReport Card™. Undoubtedly, this evaluation tool is priceless for those who want to score straight A's.


eNotes are brief notes but compact especially prepared for use for all subjects in the Score A Programme™. eNotes is specially suitable for students wishing to do revision on any subject before practicing. It is prepared topically. Therefore, students are encouraged to go over the eNotes before answering questions in eTopic.

So that, students will be better prepared when they start to do exercises or answer questions in the eTopic specifically when looking for the correct answers.


To further help student better understand questions in English, we provide an eDictionary to help define or explain the meaning of any words in question. At the same time, this will help students learn English while preparing for exams.

Nationwide Honour Roll

Through this Nationwide Honors Roll, students from all around Malaysia (and abroad) competes among each others to achieve the highest ranking. This encourages more practices and ensures better understanding in the subject.

For more information about Score A Programme™, please visit :

For online demo Score A Programme™, click on

Demo ID: 82828

Score A Programme™ – 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, anytime, anywhere !

How much does this cost?

Single Starter Package
Each Portal will cost you RM298.00
  • Package of 1 parent account and 1 student account per portal
  • Consist of Activation Code: RM50.00 and Top Up Code: RM248.00
  • (RM248 + RM 50 = RM298)
  • 1 portal for one parent only
  • Additional fees of RM50.00 for additional student account
  • For usage of 3 month

Starter Package
Each Portal will cost you RM596.00
  • Package of 1 parent account and 2 student accounts per portal
  • Consist of Activation Code: RM50.00 and Top Up Code: RM248.00
  • (RM248 + RM 50 = RM298 x 2 = RM596)
  • 1 portal for one parent only
  • Additional fees of RM50.00 for additional student account
  • For usage of 6 month

Top Up Charge
  • RM248.00 for 3 month usage (irregardless of number of children)


No. of
Pay (RM) Consist Of Duration Monthly
per kid
Activation Top up
1 298 1 x RM50 1 x RM248 3 Months RM99.33
2 596 2 x RM50 2 x RM248 6 Months RM49.66
3 596+50 3 x RM50 2 x RM248 6 Months RM35.88
4 596+100 4 x RM50 2 x RM248 6 Months RM29.00
5 x RM50
2 x RM248
6 Months

  • Activation fee RM50 is only paid once for life per kid to register for his/her account.
  • The RM248 top up can be used for all kids in one family, thus more kids will enjoy much cheaper rate.
  • All registered students are entitled for all subjects according to Ministry of Education syllabus applicable to their school level.
  • Eg. for 2 kids package, it only costs RM1.65 per day for each kid! Divide that by the multiple subjects, it costs a few cents per subject. Topping up the next 3 months will be even cheaper. Now that's a cheap and affordable investment for your children's future.

If you have any questions about the Score A programme™, please drop me an email at or leave a comment here and i will try to provide you the answers.

If you are interested to purchase the Starter package, please let me know.
Or if you know someone who could benefit from this programme, please kindly direct him/her to this site :)


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ScoreA1Malaysia said...

Kami akan gegarkan KELANTAN dengan kedatangan Jutawan Muda En. Faiz pada 31 Julai 2010 bersamaan hari SABTU untuk berkongsi bagaimana anak anda dapat Score A dalam pembelajaran dan bagaimana ibubapa dapat Score RM dalam memberi pelajaran kepada anak mereka. Untuk info selanjutnya, sila berhubung dengan QIH - 0179399970 dan AMIR - 0199027007

Hatta said...

Score A Programme™ merupakan pembelajaran secara output yang TERBUKTI melahirkan pelajar cemerlang akademik!!! Sukatan pelajaran mengikut silibus Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia sepenuhnya.

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