Friday, 7 August 2009

Task #12. Kitchen wallpaper liner

That night after i got my list of home improvements, we quickly decided to tackle task #12, which is basically the easiest of the lot.

I just need to stick some stickers, right?


Got this from Ace Hardware store at Sunway Pyramid for RM 54.90, 10 meters long. This is the self-adhesive type, so just peel it off like a sticker and stick it. There is another cheaper type, which is of cloth-type material, but is not self-adhesive, so you need to apply glue to stick it. I figured that playing with glue could get messy, so what the heck, for once in my life, i rather pay more.


So we start off with one section of the kitchen wall, as shown above, perfectly plain and boring. Time to jazz it up.


My lovely wife figuring out how to cut the liner. Note that it is not as simple as just cutting to the required length and stick it onto the wall. From the earlier picture of the kitchen wall, there is a light switch on the path where i need to stick this, so we have to cut around the liner to accommodate the switch.


Looks nicer right?


Another part of the kitchen wall with the wallpaper liner.
Sure is cheaper than putting in border tiles.


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