Saturday, 8 August 2009

Task #1 and #2. Paint guest room 1 and 2

As i mentioned sometime back, i had already painted one of the guest room with my dad's help. I needed him to show me how to paint correctly and to learn from that experience so i could do the rest on my own.

The whole process took around 3 hours, which we painted 2 layers. That time, i was in charge of doing the corners/borders, and looking at how dad painted the main portion of the wall.

The end result was surprisingly well done, just like a pro. My dad is ever the handy man.

Guest room 1 in Lime Freeze.


Nice, right?
The green gave the room a fresh and revitalizing feeling. As though the energy has been super charged.

Ok, so the guest room 2, my wife and i decided to do it ourselves. The room is not that big, and we had stolen my dad's painting techniques seen how it is done, so how hard could it be?

For this room, we chose a very different colour.

Ok, so here is how the room looked like before we started.

Here are all the ingredients you need. Roller, brush, paint tray, paint, pencil, wooden stick, etc.
also remember to use masking tape to tape off all the bottom portion of the wall.


My wife doing the corners.


Note the colour we used is pastel purplish/pinkish.
We chose this colour because we liked the calming effect it gave off. You can really see if at the end when the room is done.

Reaching the high corners.


Progress at half time.


Once we finished the 1st layer, we let it dry for a while, then proceeded to do the 2nd layer.
We started with thicker paint for the 1st layer, and then the 2nd layer dilutes with more water.
And we had to be careful on the amount of paint we are using as we barely had any paint left once we are done.

* Note to self: 1 litre of paint for this room size, 2 layers.

Finally, the room is done. And that is after 4 hours later.


Nice or not?

The colour is just nice, luckily not too dark.
Hope anyone staying here could feel the calmness aura emitting from the wall.

The next time i have insomnia, i'll know which room to sleep in. hahahhaahha


Dennis Lim said...

Nice job man.

BlurryLeo said...

good choice of colors. i have lime in one of my rooms too ;)

calvaryzone said...

Thanks. Come, lets start painting your rooms. Its fun.

I guess everyone has a lime in their house. My brother's house has it, my brother-in-law's house has one too. Must follow trend mah...

cyrildason said...

Nice job man... Painting is fun, and the best part is when you are done, you get to see the results and smile satisfied =D

calvaryzone said...

Thanks. Yeah, the satisfaction is priceless.

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