Thursday, 6 August 2009

Home Improvement plan

For all married guys out there, there comes a point in time when our wifes would suddenly give us a set of tasks to do around the house.

This happens once you have settled into your new home, and is relatively comfortable living there. Then all of a sudden, the wifes would slap you with a list of what needs to be improved around the house (even though you may argue that everything is fine, why fix something that ain't broken?)

And that is the dreaded home improvement plan.

Last weekend my wife gave me such a list.
And her dateline is set for the end of Aug 09.

Here are the items in the list (not according to priority).


#1. Paint guest room 1 (easy)
#2. Paint guest room 2 (easy)
#3. Paint master bedroom (easy)
#4. Paint upper living hall (need to top up my insurance premium)
#5. Paint main living hall (a lot of walls to cover)
#6. Paint study room (easy, as soon as i can clear out the junk in the room)
#7. Paint outside (please don't rain)
#8. Window tint (please kill me!)
#9. Fix accessories for guest room 2 (drilling on tiles!)
#10. Fix kitchen curtain rod (easy, but messy)
#11. Fix study room curtain rod (easy but messy)
#12. Kitchen wallpaper liner (child's play)
#13. Living hall lighting (need more ^@#$!#@ $$$$$)

The notes besides the tasks are self explanatory.
Wish me good luck.


Dennis Lim said...

Hahaha... this is just the beginning. Goog Luck!!!

calvaryzone said...

I assumed you are experiencing the same? hahahaha.
Just the beginning? Oh no!!!

unsit polek said...

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