Friday, 10 April 2009

Picture Post - Guadalajara, Mexico

Every once in a while i get to travel to Guadalajara in Mexico for business purposes. Mexico is halfway around the world from Malaysia, so you can imagine the 30-hour flight journey there.

Well, not all 30 hours are actual flight time, but only around 23 are (i think the new SIA direct flights to LA are much faster nowadays), the rest being the transit time. Normally i fly from KL -> Amsterdam -> LA -> Guadalajara. Or KL -> Japan/Taiwan/Korea -> LA -> Guadalajara. Transit time might range from 4-8 hours, so planning ahead is vital to ensure you are occupied for those waiting times.

One of the most anticipated thing is of course the on-flight movies (Yippie kay yay!) where i get to catch the latest blockbuster movies that i have not watched yet, which roughly means every freakin' movie available cos i don't believe in going to the cinema except for super super blockbuster movies. Watching movies should be on HBO. That's what i paid Astro for.

So imagine how many movies i get to watch on a 22-hours flight hohohohoh...
Ok, sharing some pictures of beautiful Guadalajara.

Picture Perfect (almost)

I declare this place...

I Walk Alone

Ring of Guadalajara

Ancient Pathway

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