Sunday, 19 April 2009

Picture Post - Cup cakes

My wife made cup cakes last weekend.
So before we start to eat them, i had to borrow them to take pictures first.

Remember, pictures comes first. Hunger is always second.


Cup cakes are easy to make and really challenges your creativity.
Imagine almost any decorations can be made for every theme, with the sky as the limit.


Now close your eyes and imagine chomping onto a clown.


The full assembly line. :)



BlurryLeo said...

she's so creative with the designs. can i have one :D

calvaryzone said...

hahaha, she still has a long way to go. But creativity is important, and she has plenty.

GreenLava said...

Love them beautiful cupcakes. And the pics aren't bad either.

Jasonmumbles said...

Fuh, your wife damn hebat. Can come up with so many designs.

p/s : I don't know why I always have trouble commenting in similar comment box like yours. It takes many tries before I successfully post one. It doesn't happen for the pop up comment box type though.

chenboon said...

creative design... can order or not?

calvaryzone said...

Thanks. My wife loves to cook, and i love to photograph them.

No hebat lah, i think you also can do it.
About the comment thing ar, i am not sure of the problem woh. But i hope this won't deter you from commenting the next time.

Thanks. Erm, we have to try a few more times first before can let other ppl eat. You wanna be the first lab rat?

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