Friday, 24 April 2009

Ayam Penyet AP

Yesterday, after we went visiting to a friend's place at Kelana Jaya, we were looking for a place to have our dinner. Initially we planned to go back to Kota Kemuning to grab a bit at NTS, but then i remembered reading about the Ayam Penyet shop from KY and had wanted to try that for a long time.

So off we went towards Sunway Mentari and tried to locate the shop. After a while we got to the shop and saw the familiar signboard (i didn't take a picture of the shop's signboard lah, go to KY's post to see it lo).

They have an outdoor area (for smoking customers i guess), but of course we took our seats at the aircon area.

We ordered:

Ayam penyet RM 7.00
The chicken was deep fried, and of course the bones have been smashed (hence the name ayam penyet) resulting in soft and tender meat that does not stick to the bones. I was surprised at how easily the meat was pulled apart from the chicken at the slightest touch. And despite being super deep fried, it was not at all dry, but my wife did complained that the whole meal was a tad dry. I had to agree to that.


Lele penyet (cat fish) RM 6.50
Another deep fried dish, but the fish was tender and moist. Though it was a tad small, but the succulent flesh made up for the lack of meat. Needless to say, every bite needs to be treasured.
But of course, i doubt the fish was hammer-smashed since the fish's back bone was still intact.


Terung penyet (brinjal/eggplant) RM 2.50
Another amazing dish, the brinjal was deep fried to perfecting without feeling dry. The flesh were soft and easily pulled apart with the fork. Something you can never replicate in your kitchen (unless you have a heavy duty industrial cooker at home hehehehe).


And 2 plates of white rice.

Every dish comes with a piece of fried beancurd and tempeh, boiled kangkung, cucumbers, raw cabbage and sambal. And those crispy bits. The more the better. :)

And the sambal was too spicy for me (but then again, i can't eat spicy food if it was to save my life) but my wife could take a little of it.

And about the comment on the dish being too dry, thats because there was no gravy accompanying those dishes. Unless you mean the sambal, which we can't really take in.

Damaged for around RM 20.00 for the both of us.
An eye opening meal nevertheless.


AsX said...

No gravy? Oh gee, i could not take tat!

Garnet said...

In Miri, this is called Nasi Lalapan. Here instead of kangkung, we get boiled tapioca leaves. It's the sambal that make or break the dish. The spicier the better, hahaha, though you might beg to differ.

calvaryzone said...

Well, some like em wet, some like em dry hahhhaha.

Oh, thanks for the info. Guess they share a similar dish. Well, one man's meat is another man's poison.

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