Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Krispy Kreme 1st prize winner - 65 hours wait

Would you wait 65 hours under the heat and rain, just to get doughnuts??!?!

A follow-up from my earlier post.

Well, apparently that is what took Joey Tham to get that 1st prize, 1 year supply of doughnuts (1236 doughnuts to be exact)

She and her friends banded together to claim the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th prize in a sweep-all fashion. (fuyoh, no give chance at all)

I thought people would start camping at 6:00 AM that morning.
Or worst, start the night before at 10:00 PM.

But who knew they would be crazy enough to start camping since Friday evening.
That totally blew the competition away.

Which makes me wonder, how did they decide to give Joey the 1st prize anyway?
I mean, they basically camp there together, so i would assumed all of them spent the same amount of time there.

Well, it is their piece of the doughnut, so congrats to them. May the doughnut force be in your stomach with you.

Krispy Kreme lovers on 65-hour vigil to win 1,236 doughnuts
by Isaac Hiew

Berjaya Corporation Executive Director
Datuk Francis Lee presenting grand prize
to SMK Seri Suria student Joey Tham
Li-Yen the "Gold Ticket" of winning a
year's supply of free Krispy Kreme
Original Glaze doughnuts for being the
very first Malaysian Customer of Krispy

KUALA LUMPUR (April 27, 2009):
When Joey Tham and her friends heard about Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts’s offer of a year’s supply for the first customer at its flagship outlet’s inaugural opening at Berjaya Times Square, they decided to give their best shot.

Tham and her friends, Alex Leong, Bilal Ahmee, Vincent Chen, Liang Jo Yi and Nicholas Yap, all 17, all from Ulu Langat then put into action a plan to win.

The plan led to them camping in front of the store for 65 hours since 5pm last Friday, fighting off mosquitoes at night and bearing the heat during the day and even missing their baths, -- taking turns to zealously guard their position at the head of the queue while waiting for the iconic Hot Light to be turned on for the first time today.

It was well worth the wait. Their patience and tenacity paid off. The school-mates won to top six prizes offered by Krispy Kreme for the first 300 customers, sweeping the Gold, Silver, Bronze tickets and three others, which will give them a total haul of 1,236 free doughnuts.

The Gold Ticket entitles the winner to free supply of one dozen fresh Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts per week for a year, while the silver ticket awards a dozen doughnuts for 26 weeks and the bronze, for 13 weeks.

The fourth to the 100th place customers a dozen doughnuts free for four weeks while the 101st to 300th customer received a special Krispy Kreme mug.

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Would you have been that stupid done that?


Jowy said...

Haha. Actually, the press got it wrong. We started camping on Saturday 5pm. And because I was the one who planned and set this trip up, my friends gave me that position. Plus, we're sharing them together! You can check out my blog to read our camping experience. Heh, and we're not really planning to eat them. We'll be sharing them with our doughnut-fan friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joey,
So, how's the doughnut taste?? nice??

zewt said...

waste 65 hours for some doughnuts... i would like to give her a prize too.... for stupidity. hate to say it...

calvaryzone said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Regardless of whether Friday or Saturday, it was an amazing feat nevertheless. Hope you enjoy the doughnuts.

I am sure the doughnuts are kick-ass good.
They are after all from Krispy Kreme. :)

Don't lah say like that. Must encourage the young to achieve greatness. Malaysia boleh!!!

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