Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sakae Sushi - Spot the Errors, Spot the Bugs

Last Sunday, my wife and i decided to splurge a little and have a good meal of sushi.
After all, sushi is her favourite and we haven't had any for a long time.

So off we went, heading straight to Sunway Pyramid. We decided to go to Sakae Sushi instead of the usual Sushi King.

Once we got there, we were seated after a short wait, and when we got to our seat, my wife immediately grabbed 4 red plates off the kaiten belt (fuyoh, i have never seen her move that fast while doing housework hehehe).

So i warned her not to be too hasty, in order for us to maximize our culinary experience, we have to carefully select what we would eat (each red plate costs RM 5.90 dammit!).

Note to self: Money is everything

But one thing i noticed is that the Ajitsuke Idako (Seasoned baby octopus) and Chuka Hotate (Seasoned scallop wings) that we took was bigger portion compared to those from Sushi King. And i mean around 20% more. For those 2 dishes, Sushi King also priced them at RM 6.00 i think.

So once we polished off what was on the table, it was time for us to order more. So we browse through the menu on the screen, and confirmed our order.

And then we waited.

And waited.

So while waiting, we basically had nothing much to do, so we were scrutinizing the order application program on the screen.

And then we saw this.


Can you spot the error?

The button should say "View Confirmed Order", right?
Confirmed as in past tense mah.

And then we clicked the button and saw this.


Fuyoh, same mistake again?

Or, we haven't really confirmed our order?
Maybe that's why our order have not arrived.

Or, they haven't even catch the tuna, let alone serve it! *sic*

We tried to look for another button to finally confirm our order (if we had not done so) but could not find any.
So it couldn't be our mistake right?

My wife asked me to snap some pictures and post it on my blog. hahahaha.

After waiting for like what seemed to be eternity (oklah, it was more like 10-15 freakin long minutes), we decided to click the "Call for Help" button for assistance.

Barely a few seconds after that, our order came.

Shit, later that waiter who responded to the "Call for Help" will think that we were fooling around.

Anyway, we quickly make short work of the Maguro (Tuna) and Tako (Octopus) and decided to order some more. So we placed our next order for Tobiko (Flying fish roe sushi) and had another good laugh at the grammatic mistake again.

And then we waited.

And waited.

Damn, not again.

After another agonizing 10 minutes, we decided to utilize the "Call for Help" button again.
And lo and behold, barely a few seconds after that, our order came.

Deja vu?

So in the end, we had some good food at a good price, dealt with the slow service, and some laughs over the English proficiency (i thought such big corporations would have higher standards).

And also some bugs.


DSC00062 copy


Jasonmumbles said...

Sakae Sushi used to be pretty good when they first started.

I went back to the place after 2 years and I couldn't even finish one plate of sushi.

It's totally craps now.

calvaryzone said...

Wah, where got until that bad woh?

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