Saturday, 11 April 2009

Lunch Box

Just came back from having lunch with my wife.
Today she has to replace Ms. Book, who is still on maternity leave, so my wife will need to teach her students in the morning as well (my wife teaches piano part time).

Her class starts in the morning at 9.45 AM up to evening at 4.30 PM, with lunch break at 11.45 AM. So instead of buying lunch for her or she having lunch herself, i have decided to save money cos i am so kamsiap show my love by whipping up a lunch box so we can eat together.



The lunch box consists of these goodies:
- Plain rice
- Sausages (her fav)
- Scrambled eggs
- Sayur manis (just found out the name from market. anyone knows what it is called in English?)
- Nam Yee pork with black fungus (leftover from dad, who still refuses to let me in on the secret. Bah, i'll try to replicate it someday)

Ok, time to do the dishes and clean the house (the perils of a house husband).


Joyce said...

wow....yummy lunch box!!

BlurryLeo said...

that is one mouth watering lunch box you got there ;)

Anonymous said...

wow... nice combination... yummy :)

calvaryzone said...

Thanks Joyce, BlurryLeo and Anon.
Presentation is everything they say.
And i can vouch that it tasted good too. :)

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