Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Dragon-i RM 1 Chicken - The Great Con

I am sure everyone has heard of the fantastic Dragon-i offer of late.
Its on every blog, on radio, in the newspaper, etc.

This looks familiar? I bet it does.

So, just pay RM 1 for a whole chicken, right?
Just go in, and order 1 chicken, with 4 white rice. And 4 plain water.
Sounds good?

Well, if you think so, then read on.

Last Saturday, we (4 of us) decided to give this a try at the Sunway Pyramid outlet.
Being ever so kiasu (hehehehe) we reached the outlet at around 5.30 PM, thus ensuring a chicken for us (of course must go early lah, limited while stocks last mah). We went in at around 5.45 PM, and told the waitress that we wanted to try the RM 1 chicken, so she punched in our table order at exactly 6 PM, so we had to wait a while.

We had no expectations, so when the chicken arrived, it was a pleasant surprise. Visually appealing and it was tasty to boot. Certainly no shortcuts were taken in spite of the cheap price tag. 2 thumbs up on that.


The chicken was, erm, not to say it was huge, its not even a normal sized chicken, but i won't call it small either. Nah, judge it for yourself.


Such a dish itself would cost about RM 25 at least.

The four of us would have a hearty meal for less than RM 10.00, or even less than RM 5.00. (yippie kay yay)
Sounds like a good deal hoh?


Check out our bill that night.


Fuyoh, RM 63.85

If you are thinking, "Of course lah, you ordered so many things", here is a reality check:

- Wet towels x4 = RM 4.00
- Tidbits (Nam Yee peanuts) = RM 1.00
- Chinese tea x2 = RM 4.00
- Soya bean x1 = RM 3.50
- Rice x5 = RM 5.00 (small portion and no ISO, so need to add rice)
- RM 1 Chicken = RM1.00
- Tax (5% Gov 10% Service) = RM 8.33
- Beancurd (Vege) = RM 18.00
- Glutten (Vege) = RM 18.00

Half of the cost was for things we don't need, like the wet towels, tidbits, drinks, tax, etc, but could not be avoided.
Now i think you can begin to see why i named the title of the post as such.
Cos once you get inside the shop, be prepared to fork out RM 20-25 minimum.

So what happened to the "1 chicken, 4 white rice, 4 plain water" strategy?
I don't know if anyone will be able to pull that off, but i sure know i can't. Paiseh mah.

Let me know if anyone managed to pull that off ya, i'll add you into my 5 cents Hall of Fame.


Anonymous said...

You cannot say they con you. You have the right to reject the towels and peanuts. The prices of all the dishes and drinks are in the menu...so? it is your own stupidity.
Lets say the Normal price for the chicken is rm25....so you have saved rm24.

Marvin Lee said...

Did they force you to take the "Half of the cost was for things we don't need"?
The nearest "con" I could think of is the 0.15 cents tax.

calvaryzone said...

Thanks Anon and Marvin for the comment.

Of course this post is merely rhetoric, not really implying i was conned, else i could just sue them for that hehehe.

Anyway, i'll be giving it another try before the offer ends on the 30th Apr, so i'll try to reject the towels and peanuts.
If you guys have managed to done that, let me know ya.

BTW, Marvin, whats with the 0.15 cents tax?

chenboon said...

Hi Calvaryzone,
On behalf of Dragon-i, I would like to thank you for visiting our restaurant and voice out your opinion regarding your dining experience and about the RM1 Chicken promotion.

This promotion held in conjunction with our 3rd anniversary. We sincerely try to thank our customer with this special promotion. Hence, the terms & conditions for the RM1 chicken promotion are 3 persons and above, 6 pm - 9 pm daily and dine in only.

You can reject the wet towels, tea and tidbits. You are also allow to order the RM1 chicken without ordering other main dishes if you have 3 persons.

Lastly, thanks again for your opinion. We hope to see you and your family in Dragon-i again. For any other comments, please feel free to email me to my gmail account.


Bengbeng said...

wow..yr bog so 'relevant' even the owner comes over to comment.

zewt said...

spring chicken it is...

calvaryzone said...

First and foremost, i appreciate your courteous and professional response. You exercised full restrain in your words despite the subject of this post. For that, i applaud you.

It was never my intention to bad mouth Dragon-i in any way as i have been a frequent patron of the restaurant (and i did mentioned the chicken was delicious) and great service (waiters literally running around i kid you not). This post was just my own observation and i might have misjudged on the situation.

In my next visit (hopefully soon), i will try to reject the miscellaneous as you have suggested if i do not wish for them.

So are you the owner ar? :)

Hurry up and beg for a VIP card.

Yeah, i think it is. That word have escaped me. Thanks for the info.

chenboon said...

Hi Calvaryzone,
Thanks for your understanding.

I am only one of the employee and not the boss. ;P

Have a nice day.


HuWe said...

Oh, it's real ahh?? I heard of it..saw from newpaper. But i thought it's only small portion of chicken as it's only RM1.Also, scare to be conned. But after seeing ur photo, guess i should give it a try. Thanks for sharing it.

calvaryzone said...

It is a whole chicken, so i would say it is a good deal. And the best thing is that it taste good as well. Please go and have a try.

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