Monday, 20 April 2009

Ghost on my chest - Shocking true story

On one quiet night, you were sleeping soundly like a baby. Everything was calm and peaceful. You might even be having a sweet dream which you were enjoying.

All of a sudden, you felt a huge pressure being placed on your chest area. You were jolted awake due to this, and your senses tried to make sense of your surrounding. You eyes opened and scouted the room, revealing the familiar sight of your own bedroom. You ears listened intensely for anything unusual, but heard nothing.

That was when you tried to sit up, to wipe the sweat off your forehead, when you realize that you can't move. Your arms, legs, your whole body, all paralyzed. You clinched your fist, but realized that it is not responding. All your muscles refused to follow your command.

The pressure on your chest gets stronger, and you struggle to breath. You tried hard to gasp for air but can't. You tried to scream, but nothing comes out. You knew you screamed with all your might, but no sound was heard. You heart beats faster as you began to feel a presence around you. Something sinister is lurking in the dark, you can't see it clearly. But you KNOW someone is there, looking at you struggling.

The harder you struggle, the harder the pressure gets. You were almost out of air. Your mind wanders around, thinking what was going on. And then your body began to move again. And you sat up in bed, sweating all over and wondering....

Is a ghost really sitting on your chest?


Well, not really.

I have had such encounters during the past. I am sure many have had them.

The earliest i remembered was when we were still staying in the old house in Subang Jaya. I should have been around 17 or 18 in age. That night when i had this, i was scared shit. It was the most horrendous nightmare i ever had. Because it was a first encounter, i had no idea what was going on. Did we really had ghosts in the house? I told my parents, but of course they just brush it off as a dream.

I then had a second encounter the next few days. Shit. 2 times within the same week. Bad huh? Still same as the first time, i woke up sweating like crazy, and could not sleep afterwards.

That was when i had enough. I knew i need to know what is going on. Remember those horror stories your friends told you before about ghost babies sitting on your chest, or bouncing up and down on your chest? I am sure many would logically think that is the cause of the misery. But of course i was skeptical and hit the Internet for answers.

That was when i found out something called Sleep Paralysis.
The descriptions, symptoms, signs all seemed to point to this.

Sleep Paralysis happens because you suddenly woke up while you still are in REM state, which your body has been paralyzed so that you don't act out as in your dreams (imagine giving a flying kick to your partner, in case you were dreaming of a kung fu action scene hehehehe). So basically your brain suddenly becomes lucid so you are aware of whats going on in your surroundings, but just can't move. That is the cause of your fear.

Realizing this, the next time i had sleep paralysis, i did not put up a struggle, but instead just try to relax and let it pass. I know that i am not really short of breath, so i did not really struggle for air. And just bear with the pressure on the chest, and take slow and deep breaths, to remain calm. And after a while, you begin to feel your body again, and it ends.

And the sinister phantom in the darkness, i would imagine that to be the Devil himself.

"Well, just ignore him" i told myself.

And the next time he visited me, we had tea together.

So, suffice to say, the Devil himself is no longer an issue to me.

But yesterday i had sleep paralysis again. And i woke up sweating all over.
And after that i did not managed to get much sleep.
I was too afraid and kept waking up to check my surroundings.

Why you asked?


Cos female ghosts in red dress scares the shit out of me!

Share your stories.


blinkky said...

Hmm...sometimes, there's maybe something sitting on your chect. I have some experienced with. I opened my eyes, and...I think you won't believe what I see... It really a long night...Maybe it just a hallucination?

Dennis Lim said...

Maybe this video can let u know the answer.

calvaryzone said...

Erm. cannot be, should just be sleep paralysis. So tell me what you see lah.

I donno whether i want to be afraid or laugh after watching that clip. So hilarious. True story or fake?

foongpc said...

I think it is sleep paralysis too, but you know, it may not be so in all cases. So don't be too calm the next time you have this experience. Haha!!

Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog and if you are really afraid of ghosts in red dress, then perhaps you should read about The Ghost In Red Dress : )

calvaryzone said...

well, of course this cannot explain everything in the world, but this seems like a reasonable explanation.

and your ghost post is funny. hahahha

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