Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cake decorating

As you all should know by now, my wife loves baking. It is her passion, just like mine is photography.

And this is somewhat of a handy skill to have, since we no longer need to go out to buy cakes for birthday celebrations. Anyone's birthday needs a cake? We provide. Hahahha.
And she is getting better each time. With each experiment, i can see her cakes can begin to rival those sold in shops. Watch out Secret Recipe! Hahahaha

And we only made them at a fraction of the cost sold outside. And healthier too, knowing what you actually put into your mouth.

So 2 weeks back, we decided to make a cake for Mei Mei's birthday.

Since she likes Dora, my wife bought the Dora sugar picture to decorate the cake.
That can be easily purchased at your neighborhood bakery shop.

Ok, once you have baked your cake, splice it in half (horizontally ok, not vertically)
This time my wife did a splendid chocolate cake with chocolate chips. And it was moist and dense, almost like fudge texture.

First, apply some whip cream onto the surface of the cake.
Once fully covered with whip cream, put another layer of blueberry jam.
Then drizzle a layer of crushed roasted walnuts to add taste and texture to the bite.

Once you are done with the first layer, put on the other half of the cake to make it complete.
Apply a layer of whip cream to it, covering the whole cake.

Once done, now it is the time to flex your creativity muscles.
Place the Dora sugar picture on top of the cake.
Then apply some whip cream on the side of the cake.

Shown below is my wife working on the sides with a piping syringe.

Then we add some chocolate shavings to the top and sprinkle colour chocolate rice to the side.

Trust me when i tell you that sprinkling the chocolate rice is the hardest part in the whole process. And not to mention the messiest as well. But no doubt you'll all enjoy making a mess in the kitchen. Hahahha

See the chocolate rice flying everywhere.
And my wife had to re-pipe the cream side so it looks nicer.

Here is the final product.

Have a wonderful time decorating your cakes!

And Mei Mei, have a Happy Dora Birthday!


Dennis Lim said...

Luckily i still able to see you last week and you are not being food poisioning. kekeke... just kidding. Don't let your wife know.

She quite good in baking cake. i think can start to consider to start business now.

Marvin Lee said...

Cake baking skills and professional photographer.
You have the ingredients ready for an online bakery. :)

Wingz said...

salute!!! cake is leng pigchers also leng!!!

calvaryzone said...

My wife's baking is ISO certified, ok? Won't get food poisoning.

If i start business now, Flexflow how? hahahah

Thanks. You want to be my first customer?

Baker is leng, photographer also leng mah!!!

Marvin Lee said...

First customer? Of course I want it without a doubt. Does it come with autograph and a free official photo?
And please don't ask me to queue for 65 hours. Heh heh..

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