Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My dear beloved kitchen...

Of all the parts of my house, we love our kitchen the most.
This is where we enjoy doing what we love most... cooking.

Well, actually i love the bedroom as well, but that's another story. hehehe

But as much as we loved the way it is now, we have always thought that the kitchen is too small for the both of us. We practically can't move when both of us are cooking, and that is something we would like to improve on, getting a better kitchen!

So after spending some long and brain-wreaking days trying to justify and calculate our financial standing (well, more like a constant nagging from my wife to demand me to do it), we decided to extend our kitchen.

We can get another 5 feet worth of space for our wet kitchen area.

And how much is the damage?
About RM 20k for everything. (holy cow!!!!)

Here is how our wet kitchen looks like before.

Here is how it looks like from the outside, the extra 5 feet that we can utilize.

That was how it looked like before.


It looked like someone dug 3 grave holes at my backyard.



There, can even fit dead bodies in there.

Anyone has got some dead bodies but no where to dispose off?


Superman said...

Although 20k is normal for project like this but 20k is still alot for me.... Hope you enjoy your new kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

"Well, actually i love the bedroom as well, but that's another story."
LOL like that line.. =P
anyway, hope the renovation goes well..
enjoy your upcoming kitchen! =D

BlurryLeo said...

Personally, I already love the current size of your kitchen .. it looks quiet comfortable for cooking. From the pix, it looks like you'll be having a new kitchen about 2 times the original size :) .. nice nice

calvaryzone said...

Thanks dude. I am praying every night hoping that the extra 5 feet is really worth the 20k.

Thanks. The progress has slowed down abit but still on track. Hopefully it will be done in another 3 weeks time.

When both of us is in action, the kitchen feels cramped, so need bigger lo. Yeah, the extra 5 feet will double up the current wet kitchen size.

LithiumMind said...

wow 20K is a lot for 5 feet! But it's all for the best. thank God the house we bought was kitchen extended! we managed to save some $$$ on that. :)

where are you intending to purchase your cabinets from? my wife and I are looking for one too. :)

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